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NCIS - S06E08 [Cloak]

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** NCIS - S06E08 [Cloak] **



Gibbs sets up an elaborate trap to try and catch the mole in NCIS. He asks Abby, Ducky and the director for their support. After they agree, Gibbs sends DiNozzo, Ziva and McGee to try and break into a top secret military facility, telling them that it is a test of the facility's defences. After being caught halfway through the act, it is revealed that the facility is in fact all a hoax, and that halfway through their attempt to break in, the mole set off the fire alarm and managed to gain access to the main computer, which had it's keyboard laced with a radioactive substance. After returning from the operation, the director asks all of the lead characters to join him. He explains that one of them is the mole, and explains about the radioactive trace. He scans the hands of Tony, Ziva, McGee, Gibbs, and Ducky, and then goes to scan the hands of Abby. When he does the counter beebs, and Abby is put into custody. Abby is revealed to have been in on the plan from the beginning and that the team is monitoring Agent Lee to see if she contacts anyone. After she makes a mark on a newspaper dispenser, she is brought into custody and she reveals that she was forced to trade secrets, because her daughter has been kidnapped. They let her go, and the episode ends with Gibbs sitting in the back of Lee's car saying "looks like we get to work together".



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